June 2024

I am delighted to say that THE GLASSMAKER is published today in the USA and Canada! 

Don't worry, non-North American readers, your chance will come soon:

3 July: Australia and New Zealand
3 September: Germany
12 September: UK
17 September: Italy
14 October: Spain
And other countries after that

The Glassmaker US HB cover


MAY 2024

Last week I accompanied a group of French journalists to Murano and Venice to see some of the places where The Glassmaker takes place. We talked, we walked, we ate (oh, how we ate!), I read a couple of passages from the book on the sites where they happened. Best of all, we visited glassmakers at work. Not demonstrating for tourists; just going about the business of their day, which involves shaping molten glass into beautiful objects. We saw:

DAVIDE FUIN making goblets:

Davide and journos

Davide at work

Davide and Clem



AMY WEST glass artist showing us how to make a bead:

Amy at work


CESARE TOFFOLO's lampworkers:

modern lampwork


 And FABIANO AMADI making a vase that weighed 70kg!

Fabiano at work


They got me to mess about with some hot glass. I was...tentative!



All for the sake of this book, which will be published in France on 23 May. Note how well the jacket cover matches the canal water!





APRIL 2024

The 2024 publication schedule for The Glassmaker is beginning to take shape! First off the mark is France, bringing the book out before the Olympics swamps all French media. Other countries swiftly follow:
23 May – France – as La Fileuse de Verre

18 June – USA

3 July – Australia and New Zealand

3 September – Germany
12 September – UK

14 October – Spain
Others will follow, and I’ll update here. For now, Vive la France!



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